Cafés - Venice

Caffé Florian

St. Marks Square, Venice

Running for over three centuries, Caffè Florian lays claim as Italy’s oldest Café, and over time has expanded the vast repertoire of coffee beverages on offer. From modest beginnings as the simple café Venice the Triumphant, it is better known after the original owner Florian Franchescono, and has since developed as a centre for culture and fine coffee, attracting both royalty and celebrities alike. Eminent for its history as a crossroads of art, politics and entertainment, the Modern Florian is also known for its elegant trademark products, luxurious décor and location. Situated opposite the Basilica de San Marco, visitors can admire the amazing Byzantine, Gothic Romanesque and Renaissance architecture, as they receive the same impeccable coffee and service, that has been enjoyed by patrons for hundreds of years.