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Café Zucca

Gallery Vittorio Emanuele angle Duomo Square in Milan

"Zucca in Galleria" was the favorite place of the famous musicians Giuseppe Verdi and Arturo Toscanini, who used to stop there after performance at la Scala, and is the setting for Boccioni Eden’s famous painting " The Brawl in the Galleria ". Beloved by many people of distinction in the past, Café Zucca is still fascinating, as guests find themselves in a setting that exudes culture and history. Opened in 1837, it is renown for the introduction to wine to café dining and 200 years later is forging new ways to make and serve coffee. Locals consider it an institution in Milan and not just any café. Here quality coffee is served with the flair and distinction that the café’s history and surroundings require.