Cafés - Milan

Café Cova

Via Montenapoleone 8, Milan

Housing a master barista, with over 30 years experience, Café Cova is a coffee lovers delight, where the roasting, grinding and extracting of an espresso is overseen by one expert, ensuring quality, consistency and perfection. Positioned in a magnificent historical building rebuilt in 1930 after a bombing in the first World War, the service, surroundings and food make this café a must see destination. With a reputation for offering mouthwatering Italian delicacies, the staff have long retained the traditions laid down by the original owner, a retired solider who retrained as a pastry chef after fighting with Napoleon. The perfect place for people watching, take notice of the VIP section, as Italian models, actors and socialites regularly visit this place, no doubt returning for the food, beverages and uniquely Italian experience this bustling café offers.