Coffee Machines



The espresso coffee maker par excellence is the super automatic coffee maker, which stands out for its built-in coffee grinder and professionalinfusion unit. This type of machine ensures that you always achieve a perfect espresso “on a par with those served in bars”. The coffee machine automatically calculates the correct amount of coffee powder and water required as well as the correct pressure. Super automatic De’Longhi coffee makers are equipped with an ultra-compact infuser unit, which is easily removed and thus easy to clean. Thanks to its compact dimension this promotes an excellent distribution of heat, resulting in coffee at the perfect temperature. Fresh coffee is used each time and thanks to the short space between the coffee grinder and the infuser there is no coffee residue.

The Dè Longhi range offers a series of unique and exclusive features over which the “AUTOMATIC CAPPUCCINO” function, patented by De’Longhi takes pride of place.


Water is pumped from the tank into a boiler, into which the heating element is placed. Inside the boiler water reaches 92 °C and has a pressure of 15 bar.

The water passes from the high-temperature boiler through to the filter-holder containing the coffee powder or the coffee pod. The coffee is directed into special containers or directly into a cup.

Espresso coffee machines have significantly evolved in recent years and use various systems: traditional coffee powder, coffee pods (ESE coffee pods or soft coffee pods) or capsules (plastic or aluminium).

Espresso coffee has a strong and intense aroma yet a low caffeine content as the water passes through the coffee very quickly. A good espresso can be recognised by the hazelnut coloured “foam” on the coffee’s surface.


The steam machine derives from the moka, its coffee extraction process being very similar. In the moka the pressure is of approximately 2 bar while in steam machines the pressure is of 3.5 bar.

Resistance at the base of the machine heats the water in the aluminium tank, which is hermetically sealed by a security cap.

The water, pushed upward by the pressure, passes through the filter holder into special containers or directly into a cup.


Coffee makers are a combination of espresso + filter coffee makers or steamer + filter coffee makers; perfect for coffee lovers who don’t want to give up filter coffee.

All De’Longhi combination coffee makers are also equipped with a “Cappuccino System”, a device which combines steam, air and milk in the preparation of a thick, luxurious froth for the perfect cappuccino.

The flavour is similar to that of moka coffee: it is a mild coffee, which doesn’t have the traditional hazelnut coloured “cream” on its surface.


The water in the lower part of the moka (stovetop coffee pot) comes to the boil and thanks to the pressure, passes upward, through the coffee in the filter before reaching the upper part of the coffee pot.

The amounts of coffee powder and water can be adjusted for weaker or stronger aroma. The traditional moka is the gas moka however this has now been replaced by the electric moka, powered by electricity, which has allowed us to fit the espresso maker with unique, innovative functions such as automatic switch-off and keepwarm functions.


The drip coffee maker is much simpler to use than the espresso maker.

The water in the tank is pushed towards the heating element at the base of the machine. Hot water then passes through a tube, with internal outlet at the top of the machine before passing through the coffee filter. The coffee is roughly ground to allow the slow passage of water and is collected by a glass or thermal carafe.

The coffee is very mild flavour but in fact contains more caffeine than espresso as the water remains in contact with the coffee for a longer period of time thus absorbing its aroma, oils and caffeine.


A good coffee is also dependant on the fineness of the grind, which should be neither too fine nor too coarse.

The simplest coffee grinders are those with blades, which do not have a constant grind level. De’Longhi proposes a more up-to-date model which not only allows the number of coffee cups to be programmed but also indicates (via an LED) if the grind level obtained is suitable for espresso coffee (fine) or for filter coffee (coarse).

Another type of coffee grinder is the “cone” coffee grinder, using a different type of technology which delivers an almost constant level grind. The De’Longhi KG 59 coffee grinder has 12 grind settings, suitable for any type of coffee maker from the moka to espresso and filter coffee makers.