Episode 1   Venice

One of the all time great destinations for the world traveller is the ancient city of Venice in the Veneto region. Nearly 400 years ago coffee was introduced to Italy via this wonderful city, which has ultimately led to the current explosion of coffee consumption through bars, café’s and in the home.

This waterlogged city is Italy at its seductive best …… with history and culture seeping from the decaying buildings, and Gondolas gliding along the canals, everywhere you go the smell of freshly ground coffee lingers.

This lagoon in the north east of Italy served as a home for hunters and fishermen 2000 years ago but history would see it become one of the most vital trading ports in the ancient world.

It’s almost impossible to imagine an Italy without coffee and it’s unique espresso culture.

The success of those first Venetian traders has helped developed the nation into such a wonderful cultural phenomenon and coffee is so much a part of its rich tapestry.

Thankfully for us the Italians went on to spend hundreds of years brewing, drinking and perfecting coffee and nowhere is their passion more obvious than here in Venice.

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