Episode 2   Treviso

This picturesque region in the north is one of the richest postcodes in Italy. Abundant with Renaissance palaces and great works of art, Treviso is historically renown for its ample wine production, yet today is equally celebrated known for it’s food, coffee and comfortable way of life.

Located a short distance from Venice where the Italian coffee story began, beans were quickly welcomed by local traders who soon saw the potential in providing the new beverage to an increasingly infatuated public. Today, this trend continues in the form of a culture that embraces food like no other, and a number of influential coffee dynasties that continue to serve traditional Italian espresso.

One of these is the Goppion family, whose popular cafe is just a forefront to the selecting, sorting and roasting, of coffee beans. Learn how seven generations of this family have developed coffee making perfection and meet with other traditional coffee patrons to discover the best cafés Treviso has on offer.

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