Episode 3   Milan

Milan is the capital of Style and Fashion, and it’s coffee is no exception. Known historically as the creative centre of Italy, innovation continues in every aspect of life; from fashion and architecture, through to all forms of café and coffee culture.

The birthplace of the espresso and the lever driven machine, this invention is the perfect example of the Milanese combination of practicality with innovation, whereby a spring mechanism creates a better quality, more aromatic brew.

This obsession with style and innovation can be further seen in numerous café’s and businesses where Milan locals seek to push the boundaries of coffee, to create unique coffee experiences. Though many centuries have arrived since coffee was first brought to the people of Milan, their fascination with the magic bean has never waned, and nowhere is this more evident in this city where new ways of making and enjoying coffee constantly being explored

Join Paul as he explores the cafés in the fashion capital of the world and discovers how the city that invented espresso is still finding distinctive ways to serve coffee and contribute to it’s unique coffee culture.

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Episode 3Episode 3
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