Episode 5   Bologna

Home to Europe’s first University, Bologna continues to nurture it’s striving student population, which keeps the heart of this city young and dynamic. Well-educated and hungry for new ideas, its inhabitants rely on coffee to stimulate the mind and take full advantage of the excellent quality available.

Most importantly Bologna lays claim to the worlds best barista, whose presence and commitment to coffee no doubt raises the standards of those around him. Equally famous for being home to the Ferrari, even this car manufacturer operates it’s own café, where not only speed but also a complete coffee experience is on order. These values are mirrored throughout Bologna’s cafes, restaurants and bars, where even the combination of coffee and alcohol is thought through carefully and presented exceptionally.

The eclectic mix of culture and academia makes this city a wonderful place to potter around. Find out why this Bologna is one of the most attractive and sought after places in Northern Europe.

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Episode 5Episode 5
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